Social Media Education, Detection
and Prevention

Almost every social media user has numerous posts from their past that they would be ashamed of today if it was made public. 
LifeBrand is creating revolutionary software for the detection and management of social media accounts that will be available summer 2019. Our software can scan various social media platforms from its inception to find and remove damaging or controversial posts, comments, and likes from your past. It can be used to protect both individual personal brands as well as companies brands and reputation.

Social media screening is currently at an all time high with employers and universities. If you aren’t taking your social media use seriously, you’ll lose to someone that does.
LifeBrand created the first Social Media Accountability & Awareness certification of its kind. Our course teaches users how to strategically use social media to create a winning online presence and build a strong personal brand.

Thanks to social media we all have a highly visible personal brand. Every single word you post and picture you share is how others view you. 

It’s how colleges and employers make a first impression of you. If they looked at your social media, would they think of you as professional and educated? Or would they look at you as being immature and a liability to their organization? Well guess what, schools and employers ARE looking at your social media so either invest in building a strong personal brand or lose to those who do.

of all employers check current employees social media accounts.

of employers are less likely to interview a candidate they can’t find online.
of employers have decided not to hire a candidate based on their social media profiles
of employers use social media to screen candidates.

Over fire or reprimand an employee for inappropriate content.

The World Is Watching

Are you making one of these common mistakes?


Sharing Too Much

Facebook posts need to be simple so that they can be digested easily in order to get the entire point across without it being misconstrued.

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Private Profiles

If you want people to click the "Follow" button, they want to be able to see your content. In addition, employers see private accounts as a red flag and something to hide.

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Negativity and Loose Lips

Twitter has become a platform to speak candidly. Just be cautious with how candid you are in moments of intense emotion.

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Inconsistent Identities

We all know LinkedIn is strictly professional. However, if somebody is comparing your LinkedIn and your Instagram, they should still see consistencies in who you are.

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Become a Certified

Social Media User


According to 2015 Huffington Post survey, 57% Americans who use social media have posted or texted something they regret afterwards.

1 in 6 regret a post at least once a week. With millennials being the worst offenders.


Networking is a big plus when it comes to social media. Since people generally look at your social media to find out who you are, posting things that represent your hobbies, family, and community service are always recommended.


Just because that post you made from 10 years ago might be out of sight and out of mind to you, doesn't mean its out of somebody's sight and mind who's out to hurt you. One of the easiest ways to damage a person or competitors brand is to make public offensive or inappropriate posts from their past. Don't let this person be you and watch what you post.

You be you

Use your social media platforms to create your own unique personal brand that sets you a part from the crowd. Don't be afraid to express your individuality and creativity to the world.