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We are the social media education, detection and prevention company.

If you're an individual or employer who's worried about things that might have been posted on Facebook or Twitter 5 years ago could come back to haunt you or your company, then we have the solution for you! 

We are the full 360 degree solution to your individual and business needs when it comes to social media. It's as easy as 1, 2, 3. Learn more about our 3-step process below.

Clean Up Your Social Media


Our AI technology allows users to scan their social media accounts from inception for inappropriate posts and then delete or ignore the potentially harmful posts. Companies can also use it for hiring processes to scan potential candidates. 

Learn & Develop Your Brand


Not sure how to build or maintain a strong personal brand?  We're here to help! We offer free downloadable resources and weekly blog posts to educate users about the importance of your social media presence. 

Get Social Media Certified


We've created a Social Media Accountability & Awareness (SMAA) eCourse & Certification for individuals and businesses that educate users on proper social media use & more. 

Your Company Needs Our Technology.

Some of the worlds top companies are working with LifeBrand to help ensure their employees social media doesn't hurt their brand and reputation.

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