3 Tips on How To Build Your Personal Brand  

By: Alexis Scaffidi

Are you interested in learning how to create a personal brand, but unsure of where to start? These 3 tips teach you the most important steps to start building yours today.


Your personal brand is what others think of you, so it needs to be spot on to ensure you’re creating the right impression.  We aren’t taught what a personal brand is or how to build one in school, so we’re going to provide you with some tips on how to take action and begin creating yours.


TIP 1: Discover Your Mission – Take some time to think about what you feel is missing or lacking from the world. What types of things do you support or have strong opinions about that interest you? Do you have a crazy talent that relates to others? Do you dress a certain way that specifically defines your style? Are you interested in helping a cause or creating a movement? Basically, the first step to building a personal brand is figuring out how you want to be remembered. This is usually the hardest step in creating a personal brand, so plan to devote a significant amount of time to deep thinking and soul searching.


TIP 2 – Write a Mission Statement – Create a short message (1-2 sentences) that summarizes what you’re all about. It should explain the type of person you are, how you act, and what you’re interested in doing. It’s ok if its longer at first, but then you’ll want to start removing details until you get to the simplest form of your mission. A great mission statement is easy to remember and helps others identify and associate you with similar brands and affiliates. After developing your mission statement, use it as your guiding light. You should never partake in activities that go against your brand values. Remember, it only takes one mistake to ruin your personal brand.


TIP 3 – Create an Unique Image –  Anyone with a strong brand has created a distinct image that stands out from the crowd. In order to set yourself apart, you should create a physical and emotional identity that’s always consistent. For example, if you’re a woman, then you could wear your hair the same way each day or avoid wearing makeup as part of your brand. For someone who’s an male, maybe you have a super crazy athletic talent where you create wild videos in beautiful places around the world or possibly a guy who wears gym clothes to work every day, but has created a multi-million business empire that educates others. Whatever your unique characteristics may be, OWN IT, and don’t change anything about it just to fit in.


Building your personal brand takes time and isn’t something that magically happens overnight. For most of us, it’s easier to carve out time in a  busy schedule to finish projects than to self-reflect. Unfortunately, ignoring your personal brand can be more detrimental to your career than completing a project late.


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