NFL Player, Charles Leno Jr, Propoed to his Longtime Girlfriend who’s Old Racial Tweets Resurfaced Hours Later

By: Alexis Scaffidi

What was supposed to be a happy, romantic proposal for Charles Leno Jr. and Jennifer Roth after the Chicago Bears vs Wisconsin Green Bay Packers football game drastically took a turn for the worst when twitter users went searching through Roth’s timeline and found racially charged tweets from 2012 referring to “Ghetto People” and using the N-word.


The Chicago Bears lineman, Charles Leno Jr., proposed to his girlfriend of five years, Jennifer Roth, on Soldier Field after his team beat the Green Bay Packers on December 16, 2018. The crowd was roaring and there was tons of smiles and excitement for the newly engaged couple. That excitement quickly vanished 24 hours after twitter users decided to analyze Roth’s account all the way back to 2012. They came across some disturbing tweets Roth had made and released them publicly to the world.


Some of those tweets consisted of:

Roth’s twitter account is private and she nor her fiancé’s representative has spoken about this topic.


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