Should You Add Your Coworkers on Social Media?

By: Alexis Scaffidi


Have you ever received a friend request from a colleague at work? If so, what was your initial reaction? Did you know the person or recognize your employer? Was it someone who worked in your department? Did you stop to wonder how or why they found you on social media?


I’m sure we’ve all come across this situation at one point or another since the advent of social media. Many of you have probably found yourselves asking the above questions in an attempt to decide if you should accept or decline a request. Since this topic is a grey area for many, we wanted to provide clarity on what to do the next time you encounter a coworker friend request.


Yes, you should add a coworker on social media!


We generally spend a quarter of our day at work, which means there’s plenty of time to develop close relationships with coworkers. In many cases,
colleagues become friends. These are the type of people you text outside of business hours or invite to hang out over the weekend. Adding these coworkers to your social media accounts is an acceptable and polite thing to do. Since these individuals already know how you act and dress outside of work, they’re less
likely to blab about your weekend activities to office superiors. With that being said, once you accept colleagues as friends, you must always be aware of
any posted material that could be frowned upon at work.


No, you shouldn’t add a coworker on social media!


First things first, even if a friend request comes from someone with the same employer, that’s not a good enough reason to accept them. Remember, once someone is your friend, they then have access to everything you share on a
daily basis. Every post, every photo, every location check-in is available for them to see. Fortunately, most platforms do not send notifications to those who’s friend request has been declined, so don’t feel bad about not accepting


At the end of the day, there are a few simple factors to consider when making your decision to accept or decline a colleague on social media. The decision is 100% your own, but always keep in mind your companies’ culture, as well as your limit when it comes to sharing personal information with colleagues online.


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