The Harm Social Media Is Causing You…Without You Knowing It



By: Danielle Keller


“Everything is clearer in hindsight.” As relatable as the statement may be, questionable posts and statuses on social media are catching up with a large majority of users in some pretty damaging ways, making them wish they could see more clearly BEFORE clicking “share.”


Social media use is at an all time high. New platforms are created and popularized more and more frequently than ever before, giving Americans more opportunities to share whatever they want, whenever they want.


With that being said, the rates at which people from all walks of life are being both fired and/or having their reputation damaged at the hands of something only they can control: their posts on social media.


We see it more often than we seem to notice. A celebrity posts an inappropriate photo after a night out with friends. A politician tweets something that they think is subtle, but is blatantly racist. Your neighbor who lost his job? He lost it because he posted a Facebook status indirectly bashing his coworker who got the promotion that he, too, went for.


Social media is costing people their jobs, livelihoods and reputations. So you may want to ask yourself if your social media is pristine, or if you may have some skeletons in your closet, even from years ago.


There is no importance in the timestamp of a post when it comes to preserving your morals, integrity and reputation. While the task of going back to your college days on your Twitter account may seem daunting – you don’t have to do it alone, or worry if you missed something along the way. LifeBrand’s innovative software is able to do the legwork for you, and in exchange, provide you with peace of mind and a head start, so that you don’t ever have to rely on hindsight.


LifeBrand has both preventative and reactive solutions to this growing problem caused by social media. Our Social Media Accountability & Awareness Certification (SMAA Certification) was created to help prevent things like this from happening in the first place. Within this e-course, we will teach you how to become a responsible social media user so you don’t damage your personal brand and/or your company’s brand through use of your personal social media platforms. Additionally, the certification will help guide you in building a strong personal brand and online presence giving you an advantage over your competition. The LifeBrand SMAA certification will be available Spring 2019. The cost of the certification is only $97 during our pre-registration period.


LifeBrand has also developed software called “Project Socially” to help find old posts, comments, likes, and shares on social media in conjunction with live time monitoring of accounts. Socially will be available for employers and for individuals to proactively scan their social media in the summer of 2019!

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