Want to Know if Your Email Gets Read? Learn How to Find Out Now!

By: Alexis Scaffidi

Many of you are familiar with the “boomerang” app that creates GIFs for Instagram, but have you ever heard of Gmail’s Boomerang feature? Boomerang is a downloadable tool that’s simple to use and provides a number of benefits, including pre-scheduled email settings and read-message notifications.


Follow the steps below to add boomerang to your Gmail account (don’t worry it’ll only take a few minutes)!


  1. On your computer, go to boomeranggmail.com
  2. When you first enter the website, click on the red button that says “Add this to your Gmail”
  3. A file will automatically download on your computer
  4. Complete the installation instructions as directed
  5. Once installed, re-open your Gmail account (you may need to re-login)
  6. You should see a small boomerang icon in various colors at the top right hand of your screen
  7. Click on the boomerang icon to view all dropdown features


Now you’re ready to use Boomerang the next time you need to send an email. First, click“compose” to start a new email. At the bottom of the email, just below the send button, you will see both a red “Send Later” button, as well as an icon of a blue envelope with a “?” in it.


To Schedule an Email: Click on the “Send Later” feature when you are in need of scheduling emails to be sent at future times.


To Activate Read Message Receipts: Click on the blue envelope with the “?”. By turning this feature on, you will now receive an email from Boomerang once your recipient opens your message. In your email, you’ll notice a sentence reading “The sender has requested a read receipt. If you do not wish to provide one, click here. “ Place this sentence at the bottom section under your signature so it’s not the main focus in your email. Then click send and be on the lookout for an email from boomerang letting you know your sender has read your email!

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