Our story

LifeBrand was created as a result of our Co-Founder, a former fitness executive, who needed to figure out a solution as to why employees were getting fired so quickly after being hired.

He realized that if his recruiters had just looked at their social media accounts prior to hiring, they would have been able to see what type of person this candidate was and not have hired them in the first place. After endless hours of searching for a software that could provide an automatic report and overview of someone’s social media accounts, he realized there was nothing out there that fit his needs. And with that, LifeBrand was born.

We offer social media training certifications on proper social media use, personal branding packages, and our AI based technology, Project Socialize, which will be able to scan your social media accounts since inception, locate any potentially harmful posts and allow them to be deleted.

Our Unique Advertising Philosophy

LifeBrand believes in Community Movement Advertising. Meaning, all of our advertising initiatives are based around helping our local community or bringing attention to important messages or movements that align with our company vision. We have found that when you invest in the community and other like-minded organizations, it creates a winning combination rarely seen in corporate America.

Some of our community advertising initiatives

DreamWalk Fashion Show

DreamWalk is the most diverse, inclusive, and inspirational fashion show in the world! LifeBrand was proud to be the presenting sponsor of the 2018 show. It included 65 Dreamers (models) of all shapes, ages, ethnicities, sexualities and disabilities who rocked the runway in Philadelphia. Over the past 18 months, DreamWalk has received over 45 million views across various social media platforms, proving this is a wildly successful movement.

Philadelphia Soul

Our partnership with the Philadelphia Soul
benefits the New Jersey Education Association, Philadelphia schools, as well as local students and families. Through our partnership, educators will be recognized for their outstanding achievements. To show our appreciation, LifeBrand will be donating our Social Media Accountability & Awareness Certification to their entire school district.

Do you have a unique advertising opportunity that you would like lifebrand to sponsor?

Meet our team

Thomas Colaiezzi

CEO & Founder

Alexis Scaffidi

VP of Operations

Danielle Keller

Creative Director