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Available summer 2019

Socialize utilizes the latest advancements in machine learning to create our Social Media Intelligence (SMI) software. Our SMI technology can scan social media accounts from inception for posts, tweets, comments, likes or shares that contain inappropriate or controversial material. Items that the software flags will then have the option to be deleted in order to protect your personal brand.


If you think you’ve ever posted something negative or inappropriate on any of your social media accounts that could come back to haunt you, or simply want to be cautious, then you need our software. By allowing your social media accounts to be scanned through our app, any harmful posts you’ve ever affiliated yourself with will be able to be deleted in an instant. 


  • Students
  • Professionals
  • Athletes
  • Executives
  • Celebrities
  • Businesses
  • Policticians
  • Public Figures



Though originally created to scan old posts, Socialize will eventually have an additional feature that will be able to monitor social media posts in “real time” in order to prevent the user from posting damaging material.

Social Media Clean up

Our software allows the user to scan his or her social media accounts from the point of inception with the simple click of a button. Inappropriate and harmful posts will be flagged and can then be either deleted or ignored at the discretion of the user.

Creating a Strong Personal Brand

When we want to find out more information about someone, we typically go directly to social media to look them up. From their social media, we are able to get a better view of the person they are and often make assumptions based on what is found. Be sure that your social media is sending the right message about your personal brand.

Protect your Company's reputation

Social media mishaps that take place in well-known companies can severely damage their brand and reputation. We offer software licensing packages to companies enabling them to perform scans on new hires as well as to current employees to ensure their personal social media accounts are a positive reflection of themselves and the company.

Parental Screening

In addition to the regular scan, a parental screening feature will also be available for purchase, which notifies the parent if their child posts anything that could damage their reputation. Parents will also be notified if their child is cyberbullying others, posting inappropriate photos, or commenting vulgar things on public forum.

Frequently asked questions

Our team has utilized the latest advancements in machine learning to create our Social Media Intelligence (SMI) software, Project Socialize. This software will be able to scan users various social media accounts from inception and identify any potentially damaging posts to your brand or employers brand. These flagged posts will then have the option for the user to either delete or ignore them from their social media accounts.

It’s simple! You create an account, log into the desired social media accounts you want us to scan (Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter are options) and then our software goes to work. 

We offer a FREE trial scan which will inform you of how many potentially damaging posts you have on each platform and then will give you the option to delete 1 so you can better see how our software works!

If you decide to purchase a one-time scan, all of your potentially damaging posts for each social media account you’re logged into will display on the screen and you will have the option to either delete or ignore the post. 

You will also receive a grade based on your Social Impact Score. More detailed information about this feature will be coming soon!

A complete scan that includes your Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter accounts will be a one-time fee of $14.97.  YES, that essentially means it only cost $4.99 to scan each platform!  After the initial scan, for a small monthly fee of only $3.97,  you can continue to access your profile and performs endless scans on each social media account as well as monitoring your social impact score. 

Both. It will initially launch as a desktop app, though completely mobile friendly. Soon after, it will be followed up as an app compatible with iOS and android devices.

Socialize can be used in many ways to help your business. See below.

  1. Preventative measure before hiring new employees to ensure their social media presence aligns with the companies brand
  2. Enables current employees to check their personal social media accounts to ensure they don’t have anything from the past that could be harmful to their company or reputation now
  3. Employers who use our software will feel less stressed when it comes to knowing what their employees do on social media and how it could reflect their company

I’m sure you don’t remember every single thing you posted or shared on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter from your past. With that being said, instead of spending countless hours, weeks, or months trying to clean up all of your potentially harmful posts, we’ve created Project Socialize to help take care of this issue.

With a click of a button, your accounts can be scanned in minutes, using our artificial intelligence software to locate any potentially harmful posts that you wouldn’t be proud to affiliate with your current reputation. This software will ensure that your personal brand is the best it can be and will be offering real-time monitoring in the near future as an additional reputation protection feature.

Are you ready to learn how we can help protect your company and reputation?

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