Social Media Certification

Our state of the art eCourse was created for the needs of individuals, schools or businesses to help teach the importance of responsible social media use. Check out the packages we offer below.


Social media is the one thing that nearly everyone has and uses on a daily basis, but very few of us have ever received formal training on how use it properly.

It can be used strategically to create a strong online presence, giving you an advantage over your competition.  However, it can also seriously hurt your chances of getting into college, landing your dream job, or could potentially even get you fired if it’s not used properly.

Believe or not, social media has created a personal brand for each of us. The time has come for us to dedicate two hours of our lives to ensure that everything we spend years building doesn’t get destroyed with the click of a button.


You often hear students say, “I’ll never need this class in real life,” but our Social Media Accountability & Awareness eCourse is one course that educators and students would both agree is a necessity.

This course will not only prepare students for the future, but is something that should be applied now. It will strategically teach students how to use social media to build a winning personal brand that will ultimately give them an advantage when applying to colleges and jobs. It will also teach them how to properly use social media to protect their reputation.

We can fully customize packages to accommodate every school’s need, size, and budget. Schools can choose to pay for and license this course for their entire school/district or simply apply for a student discount for individual purchases.


One of the fastest growing problems in today’s society is social media misuse in the workplace. Unfortunately very few companies have a structured social media training in place for their employees, but simply having a social media policy in your handbook isn’t enough anymore. Provide your employees with company paid training to protect your brand image from getting damaged.

Choose to have access to a dedicated eCourse portal or opt in for a live interactive training at your facility.

What You Will Learn In These Courses


  • The definition of a personal brand and how it relates to social media
  • Ways to use social media to build a strong personal brand
  • Guidance on how to impress college recruitors and teachers with your online presence
  • Things to NOT do on social media and the reasons why
  • Tips on how to protect yourself and your reputation online


  • Ways to build a winning personal brand and digital resume
  • How to create an online network and why it is important
  • Things to not post, share, like online and the reasons why
  • Ways to protect yourself, your employer, or your future employer online
  • The items your employers look for when reviewing your social media


  • Strategy on how to build and maintain a professional personal brand
  • Tips on networking online with like-minded individuals
  • Content sensitivity and ethics
  • Workplace social media etiquette
  • Ways to ensure your company is protected from social media